Hot Air Balloon Rides in PA, NJ & Beyond

Above & Beyond Ballooning is one of the most experienced, dynamic, exciting and enjoyable hot air balloon companies in the country. Our two easily-accessible central hot air balloon flight locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are situated within an hour's drive of New York City, Philadelphia, Trenton, NJ, Allentown, Lancaster, Reading, Pottstown, Harrisburg, West Chester, PA and Wilmington, Delaware. In addition, we now also offer hot air balloon rides in Albuquerque New Mexico, and Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona.

Pennsylvania hot air balloon rides in Chester County, PA
New Jersey hot air balloon rides in Hunterdon County, NJ
Fly with us among a crowd of balloons at a Hot Air Balloon Festival
Hot Air Balloon Rides in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Balloon Rides in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona

We schedule and fly hot air balloon rides in PA & NJ seven days a week, with balloon flights twice daily, weather permitting, from June through September. We have been providing safe, enjoyable hot air balloon rides in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than a decade. Thousands of smiling faces have joined us in flight for an unforgettable experience that can hardly be surpassed.

Take a break and suspend reality...

When you're engrossed in a good work of art, a phenomenon called "suspension of disbelief" often takes over, allowing the viewer to accept certain fantastic elements in the name of entertainment. A similar occurrence tends to happen while hot air ballooning: "Suspension of Reality." Aboard a hot air balloon in flight, the real world seems to pause, and a dreamlike sort of fantasy dimension springs to life. Problems and worries melt away, and nothing much really seems to matter as you take on a new way of seeing the world from your vantage point high in the sky. There's no way to accurately describe the feeling of a balloon flight other than to say it's nothing like you'd expect. There's no motion, no sense of height, no fear involved. The only way to truly understand this remarkable feeling of freedom is to experience it.

Following the traditions of the early aeronauts, we will embark on a serene journey highlighted by moments of excitement and surprise. As our guests of honor, your balloon flight is guaranteed to be memorable and breathtaking.

We begin by unfurling the hot air balloon's seemingly delicate envelope and attaching it to the basket. You are welcome to join our ground crew if you'd like to assist with setup and inflation of the balloon, or you may choose to oversee or snap photos from a less-involved position. A powerful fan is used to introduce air into the envelope, and it billows with color, quickly multiplying in size. Soon enough the burner is turned on, breathing life into the now fully-inflated balloon as it stands vertical and begins to tug skyward. You then step aboard, and before you realize it, the balloon is airborne without even a jostle. Your magical journey begins!

Imagine that you are floating weightless like a cloud high in the sky, drifting peacefully with the breeze. The vast panorama below you stretches endlessly from horizon to horizon, a sight unparalleled by any other in this world. The next minute you are skimming low over the tops of trees, leaves brushing past as you view another rarely-seen perspective of the magnificent earth. Awestruck humans and wildlife below look up in wonder at your beautiful and mysterious chariot of the sky. Dipping your toes into a nearby pond, you experience the divine sensation of walking on water. This effortless state of flight is some of what you’ll experience on a hot air balloon ride with Above & Beyond Ballooning!

Flight time can range from 45 minutes to nearly two hours, with most flights averaging well over an hour in the air. The entire experience will span two to three hours from the meeting time. At the conclusion of our wonderful adventure, we will return to the launch site and indulge in a traditional champagne and hors d'oeuvres celebration to toast our successful flight. Each group of passengers leaves as new friends rather than just customers. See what others are saying about their flights on the feedback page!

What's So Special About Above & Beyond Ballooning?

We live for this. In short, ballooning is our life, our full-time occupation, and reason for existing. Experience counts for everything in ballooning, and our pilots come with all the highest qualifications and a minimum of a decade of flight experience each. We take pride in our perfect safety record and state-of-the-art equipment. Everything we do is in the interest of our guests' safety and enjoyment. It's more than a job - it's a lifelong devotion to sharing the wondrous beauty that is what hot air ballooning is all about.

We are fully insured by an A+ rated carrier, and all our pilots attend (and often present at) industry safety seminars to fulfill personal and professional continuing education goals. Our balloons are checked each time they fly, are maintained, inspected and overhauled yearly, and comply with all FAA regulations pertaining to standard passenger-carrying aircraft. However, that's the bare minimum that is to be expected of all hot air balloon companies.

So, how are we any different? Why choose us? There are a number of reputable balloon companies in the areas we fly. We're all pretty friendly. Some have been in business for longer than we've been around. You'll find that a few even charge less than we do! Ballooning is so much fun that you will likely have a good time no matter who you choose to fly with, but we truly believe our balloon flights are the best that can be experienced. We offer what we consider the most fulfilling and enjoyable flight possible at a reasonable price (our rates are at the bottom of this page). If you're shopping around based on price, you'll certainly find a cheaper flight elsewhere... We wish you the best of luck.

Be forewarned - not all experiences are created equal. Over the years, we've taken notice of the habits that the "other guys" have developed. Some companies tend to land precisely at the 45 minute mark each time. Some stay at less than 500 feet the entire flight, with a perspective that hardly changes - just so their fuel bill stays low. We fly higher, longer, and with a more varied array of unique flight experiences than most other companies out there care to provide. Mile High? Almost every flight. The elusive "splash & dash?" We'll go for it, and your feet will actually stay dry as we skim gently along the water's surface! We'll always try to fly as long as conditions safely permit. Our average time in the air is approximately 75 minutes. All the little touches that we try to add to each and every flight are what makes it positively fun and special for you as well as us.

On top of what we offer in the air, we're all genuinely down-to-earth fun people, which makes it easy for you to have a great time with us. We've never had anyone leave who wasn't smiling - and that includes pilots, crew, as well as passengers! It does sound a little corny, but we strive to go "Above & Beyond" to make your flight absolutely perfect in every way. The bottom line is that a hot air balloon flight is an adventure most folks may only try once in their lifetime. Would you be willing to take the chance that it won't be everything it should be, and more?

I look forward to sharing a truly wonderful experience with you.

Jon Radowski, Owner & Chief Pilot


Hot Air Balloon Rides in Pennsylvania

In Eastern Pennsylvania, we fly primarily from a hot air balloon launch site located near the intersection of Routes 100 and 401 (Ludwig's Corner) in Chester Springs, PA. This location is easily accessible and approximately four miles North of the PA Turnpike at Exit 312 (Downingtown/West Chester). It's an easy 45-minute drive direct from Philadelphia to this launch site.

On a clear day, balloon flight passengers will see the skyline of Philadelphia to the East and Chesapeake Bay to the South. We'll see a varied cross-section of Chester, Montgomery, Berks and Lancaster Counties from the air. Our hot air balloon flights soar over the Brandywine, French Creek, Marsh Creek & Schuylkill River valleys which are scenic wonders of Eastern Pennsylvania. Rolling hills, farmland and unspoiled rural areas are plentiful where we fly. We also offer balloon rides over the patchwork farmlands of Amish Country near Lancaster, PA.

Morning hot air balloon flight near Philadelphia
A beautiful aerial view of the illuminated Philadelphia skyline on a morning hot air balloon flight above Chester Springs, PA

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PA Launch Site address:
1012 N. Pottstown Pike
Chester Springs, PA 19425

Please do not send correspondence - this is NOT our mailing address!


Hot Air Balloon Rides in New Jersey

For our New Jersey hot air balloon rides, we fly in the Readington and Clinton areas of Hunterdon County. Most balloon flights launch from Solberg Airport, which is easily accessible from Routes 22, 78 and 202. Readington and Clinton are just under 60 minutes West of New York City and are the closest hot air balloon flying areas to NYC. On a clear day, passengers can usually see the skylines of both New York City and Philadelphia on the distant horizons, as well as the Delaware Water Gap to the Northwest, and if we go high enough on a clear day, even Raritan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean beyond to the East. Spruce Run and Round Valley Reservoirs are regular sights nearby, as well as many smaller ponds and rivers we try to dip our toes into whenever possible.

Our hot air balloon flights often take us over the beautiful landscape of Hunterdon County, Warren County, Somerset County, and sometimes as far as Sussex and Middlesex Counties. We often float over the towns of Clinton, Phillipsburg, Asbury, Annandale, Hampton, Flemington, Stewartsville, Washington, Frenchtown, Pittstown, Whitehouse Station, Readington, and sometimes even up towards Califon, Lebanon, Long Valley and Hackettstown. Occasionally an Easterly wind will send us sailing towards Easton, Bethlehem & Allentown, PA.

Hunterdon Hills Playhouse hot air balloon liftoff
Reflections can be seen as three of our hot air balloons launch on a pleasant midsummer afternoon

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NJ Launch Site address:
39 Thor Solberg Road
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Please do not send correspondence - this is NOT our mailing address!


Special Events & Group Flights

For occasions such as company picnics, workshops and other functions, we specialize in large group flight excursions. We can easily handle parties of up to 60 or more in multiple balloons with enough advance notice. Large groups will be divided into groups of 2 to 6 passengers per balloon, with our largest balloon capable of carrying up to 12 at a time in a comfortable luxurious padded compartmentalized basket. Group discount rates apply for six or more passengers booked at one time. Try to plan ahead at least one to two months for group balloon flights of more than 12 guests.

Hot Air balloon Engagements & Weddings

A hot air balloon flight is a very adventurous way to propose to your significant other. An exclusive flight for two will guarantee the basket to yourselves - with plenty of room to get down on one knee. She'll remember the day forever! In-flight photos and special arrangements are always available. We strive to make your hot air balloon proposal perfect in every way.

We also offer spectacular hot air balloon weddings. Our chief pilot is an ordained minister and can officiate the ceremony, or you may wish to have your own minister perform your marriage. The ceremony can be conducted either in the air or on the ground prior to liftoff. The marrying couple, minister and two witnesses - one of which can be the pilot - can all be carried in the basket of one balloon. Entire wedding parties can be carried aloft in multiple balloons as in the group flights above. Please call for current rates.


Please note that pricing is per passenger. The Private Flight option means your group of 2, 3 or more will be the only passengers on board (plus the pilot, of course!). Private flights for more than four passengers are available; additional passengers are added at the standard rate. As we have a minimum of two passengers, single passengers will be paired with at least one other group.

Pennsylvania Balloon Ride Prices

Type of Flight Price Per Person
(Credit / Cash)
Total Price
Standard Flight (1 passenger) $250 / $225  
Standard Flight (2-3 passengers) $225 / $200  
Standard Flight (4-7 passengers) $200 / $180  
Standard Flight (8+ passengers) $180 / $170  
4-Passenger Private Flight $300 / $250 $1200 / $1000
3-Passenger Private Flight $350 / $300 $1050 / $900
2-Passenger Private Flight $400 / $350 $800 / $700


New Jersey Balloon Ride Prices

Type of Flight Price Per Person
(Credit / Cash)
Total Price
Standard Flight (1 passenger) $300 / $275  
Standard Flight (2-3 passengers) $275 / $250  
Standard Flight (4-7 passengers) $250 / $225  
Standard Flight (8+ passengers) $225 / $200  
4-Passenger Private Flight $300 / $250 $1200 / $1000
3-Passenger Private Flight $350 / $300 $1050 / $900
2-Passenger Private Flight $400 / $350 $800 / $700

Discounts can be combined for added savings:
Discount for cash payments on all flights (shown in table above).
10% discount for active and retired military, law enforcement and EMT/rescue/fire personnel (bring ID).

All flights include the following:

• Average flight time of over one hour in duration (flight time may range from 45 minutes to two hours)
• Special post-flight champagne toast ceremony and refreshments. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available.
• Return transportation to the launch site after landing
• Digital photos on the ground or in the air (on request, when available)
• Memories to last a Lifetime!

Hot air balloon flight prices shown above are current through 10/2015. Prices are subject to change at any time. There are no hidden or extra fees, and no taxes. Tips or gratuities are not mandatory, but are always appreciated if you feel we offered an exceptional experience. Flight certificates sold at previous prices will be honored unconditionally. There will never be any up-charge to current pricing levels for previously purchased flights.


Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Above & Beyond Ballooning's chief pilot Jon Radowski attends a number of hot air balloon festivals each year. Flights are available at most of these events. Balloon festivals can range in size from small rallies with less than 10 balloons, to grandiose gatherings with hundreds! It's always a tremendous thrill to be surrounded in flight by other hot air balloons, and the photo opportunities afforded are absolutely terrific.

Hunterdon Hills Playhouse hot air balloon liftoff
Over 100 hot air balloons and special shapes lift off during the Saturday morning mass ascension at the 2008 New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

Click here for a list of Past Balloon Festivals we've attended.

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